Whether it's all-natural, turf or artificial grass you're looking for our experts in lawn care are on hand to ensure your lawn stays green and luscious all year round. With our maintenance program, you'll never have to worry about mowing, reseeding or fertilizing ever again. 


Turf is a great alternative if your lawn is patchy or temperamental. Hard-wearing and durable it can withstand all the ever-changing weather conditions the Uk can throw at it.


Our team at Liverpool Landscaping handpicks, cuts and delivers your high-quality turf on the same days as we lay it. That way we ensure a healthy lawn that says perfect all year round. 


With little to no maintenance required after the original installation, artificial grass is a great option for many who would prefer to relax in their garden rather than mow it.

There are various types of artificial grass for the many different uses from play areas to tiny backyard gardens so whatever the case, there is an option for every situation and you can finally make mowing the lawn a chore of the past.


To stay looking lush and green natural lawns need a lot of maintenance especially during the summer months.


They require a regular watering schedule during the hottest weeks of the year, regular fertilizer treatments and overseeding for those troublesome patches.



The marmite rule can be applied to lawn maintenance. You either love it or you hate it, it is a hobby for some and a chore for others but luckily we live in a time where there is a solution to most chores. In the case of garden maintenance, why not let us take care fo it for you. We can do anything from, weeding, trimming and watering to mowing, fertilizing and reseeding at intervals that suit you and your garden best.

With years of industry experience, our team at Landscaping Liverpool make garden design a breeze. By including you in all aspects of the design and building progress, you end up with the garden you've always dreamed of having.  

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